Giant Brothers


This work consists of 4 individual paintings.
They depict 4 finely carved columns, existing on the top of a pyramid in Mexico, dedicated to the legendary god Quetzalcóatl in the ancient city of Tula.
They are called the “Atlases of Tula” and their mysterious identity is the subject of conflicting opinions.
A first theory states that they are the reproduction of archaic Toltec warriors, given the evident armor worn and the weapons held.
However, considering their prestigious location, some think that they are “Masters of tradition”.

The term “Atlases” evokes the legendary Atlantis, this is because there are enigmatic details to consider, such as the strange tools or weapons they wield, similar to “guns”, a detail that should make their technological level re-evaluate.

One last detail is their height of 4.60 meters: if it were only an architectural factor there would be nothing strange, but what if it were a reference to the original stature of those individuals?

From the sum of all these considerations, this work takes its title.