In this collection, the artist selects some ancient female divinities, and capturing their peculiar characteristics, he models them in frontal portraits, far from any known iconographic reference.

Angelo transports the spiritual universe of these ancient divinities into a strongly contemporary, modern dimension, illuminating them with neon metropolitan lights. The divinities, now capricious and mysterious, appear under a new and original spotlight, which enhances their power in a symbolic key, as if to insist on the eternal ambivalence of their never exhausted and always current message.





Remake Works

In the COLORDEA collection the original works are re-proposed, with a technique developed by the artist, mixing painting, technology and materials, which allows to obtain a reinterpretation similar to the original work but not the same: the same image, the same materials , the same finishes, but with different color choices.

A unique but not original work.


Inanna Red

Inanna Green